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Below is information of the historic Canoga Park - Taxco sister city wall mural which Olinda Romani Reynolds was commissioned to restore.

Canoga Park, California - Taxco, Mexico sister cities mural located in Canoga Park.  Originally painted in the 1970's. This mural at 7123 Remmet Avenue, depicting the sister cities of Canoga Park and Taxco Mexico, part of Sister City Program, created by President Eisenhower, was severely defaced in 2014

canoga park taxco


These photographs were taken in the 1980's and can be seen on the Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles website. http://www.muralconservancy.org/murals/sister-cities


canoga park taxco


canoga park taxco
Olinda Romani Reynolds was commisioned in 2015 to repair the historic Canoga Park - Taxco sister cities wall mural.

canoga park taxco

canoga park taxco

canoga park taxco


canoga park taxco


The Friends of Taxco is a Sister City organization linking citizens of Canoga Park, California USA, with their sister city, Taxco de Alarcón, Guerrero, Mexico.  We are a recognized 501 (c)(3) organization by the IRS.

Since June, 1963, the citizens of these two communities have enjoyed a close personal relationship supported by annual personal visitations between families of the two cities. The people of Taxco, members of the 'Comite de Ciudades Hermanas de Taxco' have generously welcomed visitors from Canoga Park into their city and offered them an intimate personal view of Mexico.

The people of Canoga Park in turn, have welcomed visitors from Taxco into their homes and have offered support for the schools and students of Taxco.  Through this personal linkage between families, an insightful understanding of the culture of the two communities has been gained by the people of these two vastly different sister cities.

The Friends of Taxco was founded in June, 1963, to conduct a Sister City program under the People-to-People organization established by President Eisenhower.  Canoga Park’s then Honorary Mayor Francis Lederer and his wife Marion, along with the immediate Past President of the Chamber Howard Speer were instructed by the Chamber of Commerce to select their Sister City affiliate.  They recommended Taxco, Guerrero, Mexico, for its long history, attractive colonial style and relative nearness in comparison with possible choices in Europe or Asia.

The first delegation of adults from Canoga Park was received with gracious hospitality by the Tasquenos, setting a welcoming attitude for all future visits between the two communities -- people to people and family to family.  Since that time annual adult and some youth exchanges have involved people from California and Mexico, producing enduring friendships and joy to all participants as they brought together a broad range of professions, beliefs and cultures.

Money donated by the Friends of Taxco has been matched by the Mexican State of Guerrero and Mexico’s Federal government and enhanced by volunteer labor from the villages to build 15 rural schools, in and around the city of Taxco.  Additionally, the Friends of Taxco assisted in the establishment of the Biblioteca Canoga Park, the first library in Taxco.  Over the many years playgrounds, classrooms, sanitary facilities, desks, and many other needed improvements have been made to existing schools.  A memorial fund has been established to provide funding for educational support to the city.  The Friends of Taxco counterpart group (Committee de Ciudades Hermanas Taxco y Canoga Park) in Taxco identifies and recommends projects to be funded.

Friends of Taxco








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